Why work with us?
We’re the best in our field and you’re the best in yours.

Stability & Reliability

We have over 75+ years of industry experience, we have helped many young entrepreneurs grow their book of business and succeed.

Be Your Own Boss

Whether you are a moonlighter or full-time recruiter, we value what you bring to the table. Our recruiters earn more & have more freedom.

We Handle The Heavy Lifting

What if you could run your own staffing business from home without worrying about all the administration it takes to run a business? Now you can!

Rapid Candidate Submissions

We have great software which simplifies the candidate application process, and we also have a larger pool of qualified candidates to submit.

Dedicated Support & Training

We have a great onboarding process to help you get started and we walk you through using your recruiter management dashboard. It’s simple.

Join The Winning Team

We want HUNGRY professionals who want to earn a great living and make a difference. Join the team and focus on what you do best, recruiting!

Our Recruiters Rock

Earn More and Enjoy More Freedom!

Benefits for Staffing Recruiters

The best people should get paid for the best results. TalentHire is the staffing industry reinvented where employees, independent recruiters, and business owners win together. Here are a few awesome benefits for recruiters.

Higher Income

Recruiters who are driven to produce results for their candidates, earn a better income.

Work/Life Balance

Since you’re the boss, you’re in control of whether you want to take that vacation or not.

You’re The Boss

You’re a rockstar recruiter and should get paid for it! That’s why the best want to work for us.

Quality Mentoring

We want you to be successful and we are here to guide you on the best recruiting practices for success.

Unlimited Job Orders

What does having unlimited job orders mean? Unlimited earnings potential, that’s what!

More Freedom

Freedom from dealing with dreaded payroll and workers’ compensation costs and issues.

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